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Interview with Creative Director Luke Oliver

What did you do before becoming a designer / developer?
I was a musician. I had been writing a lot and had plans to go into a studio and record but life opened another door and I walked through 다운로드!
Where do you turn for inspiration?
As you could guess from my previous answer, music is a huge part of my creative process. Putting the headphones on and turning on a playlist that matches the mood of the work I’m trying to produce is super inspiring adblock 다운로드. Aside from that, I’m always searching the web for various inspiration sites that can get me started. In terms of analog elements, magazines or just items in the room, people, it all has the potential to spark an idea 워크래프트 맵 다운로드.
Which are your favorite studios, designers or agencies?
This answer always varies but right now I love the work that Instrument, Rokkan and Huge are producing 다운로드. They all infuse a lot of personality into their work without being obnoxious and it’s refreshing to move away from that stiff nature of traditional ad agencies

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